My 2019 in DEV - Check your stats!

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So today @paulasantamaria and I spent the whole afternoon creating a web tool to allow everyone on DEV to see their blog stats of 2019!

Here's how my year in looks like:

A screenshot of the site with my blog's stats: I wrote 12 articles, received a total of 78 comments and 719 reactions. My top article was "4 Reasons why being humble will help you become a better developer"

Curious about your stats? Try it out yourself!

👉 My year in DEV

Check out our GitHub repo:

btw, We use my Sapper + Svelte + tailwindcss boilerplate as a kickstarter for this project.

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Also, use the #MYYEARINDEV on twitter to share your stats